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Direct Port Delivery Service

For import customers, APM Terminals Mumbai provides a Direct Port Delivery (DPD) Service within six hours of vessel discharge. Using DPD, containers are delivered to the end user directly from the port with an average dwell time of only 1.5 days, compared to a typical dwell time of 9-10 days. This is the fastest in the country.

Compared to the CFS (container freight station) model, where import cargo is routed to an off-site CFS, this streamlined DPD option can result in substantial savings of time and money for importers by reducing container dwell times after vessel discharge. 

Proforma Disbursement Account (PDA)

All importers with a DPD facility must register and open a Proforma Disbursement Account PDA and maintain a positive Proforma Disbursement Account (PDA) at all times. See PN 53/2018 for further information. A PDA is a statement sent in advance of a ship’s port call, with estimates of charges are likely to be incurred, including charges that are applicable to your imports.

PDAs are set up at registered entity level only and cannot be set up for separate divisions. One PDA per registered DPD a/c with AEO status is adequate for all financial transactions with the Terminal.

As per Section 58 of Indian Major Port Trust Act, 1963 - Rates in respect of goods to be landed shall be payable immediately on the landing of the goods. In compliance with the said provision a positive PDA will be required at the time of delivery of containers. In case of negative PDA two shifting charges per container type shall be levied.

Payment of Terminal Handling Charges to the Terminal Directly

Public Notice (PN) 11/2020 is issued by the Commissioner of Customs (NS-III), DPD Cell, Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House permits registered DPD or CFS importers of containerised cargo with AEO status to pay TAMP approved terminal handling charges (THC) directly to the Terminal. Learn more on our Payments & Invoicing page.