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APM Terminals Gothenburg to double rail volumes by 2022

Transporting goods by train not only offers economic advantages but also reduces emissions by up to 98% compared to road transport. APM Terminals Gothenburg plans to double the volume of containers transported by rail to and from Gothenburg by 2022.

APM Terminals Gothenburg is connected to more than 300 inland destinations in Sweden via rail. With more than 60 rail shuttles per week, Gothenburg has an unprecedented rail coverage in Sweden. Insjön in Dalarna, some 460 kilometers from Gothenburg, showcases how rail can offer the best transport solution. Six weekly shuttles by Vänerexpressen, connect the center of Dalarna with the biggest container shipping network in Scandinavia via APM Terminals Gothenburg.

With a short lead time of only 8 hours, cargo is loaded onto rail during the day in Insjön, and is off-loaded late in the evening in Gothenburg. Lead times are greatly superior to trucking, but as many customers in the area highlight, it is also the impact on the environment that makes this solution so attractive. Compared to that of a truck, rail emissions are up to 98% lower. From a cost perspective, it also offers significant cost savings.

The solution offered via The Gothenburg Gateway is so competitive that plans to expand the rail terminal in Insjön are underway. More space is needed to cope with the demand from more cargo and customers connecting to Gothenburg, an initiative that is strongly supported by APM Terminals.

Through The Gothenburg Gateway initiative, APM Terminals Gothenburg plans to double the amount of containers moving via rail to/from Gothenburg by 2022. This may seem like an ambitious plan, but the compelling value proposition from both a cost and environmental perspective make this an achievable goal. It will require all partners in the rail cluster to work together, to ensure that both infrastructure and digital solutions are in place to support this.


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