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APM Terminals Gothenburg promotes decarbonisation with electric-truck priority

If Sweden is to reach its climate goal of reducing emissions in the transport sector, it is vital that the transition to zero emission transport is supported. The first electric trucks are now in operation, and as the Nordic region’s largest container port, APM Terminals Gothenburg will encourage haulage companies that have started their journey towards electrified truck transport with a new priority solution.

Every day, an average of 1,000 trucks pass through the gates of APM Terminals Gothenburg. Only a few of these trucks are currently electric, but APM Terminals and its partners in the Gothenburg goods hub want to encourage the transition.

The new solution - to be implemented on 1 March 2023 - will allow electric trucks to bypass other trucks at APM Terminals via a reserved lane, and they will be allocated priority handling within the terminal area.

"Sustainability is one of our cornerstones at APM Terminals, and our own container handling has been fossil-free for several years,” says Brian Bitsch, Commercial Manager at APM Terminals Gothenburg. “Many haulage companies have now started to electrify parts of their truck fleet, an initiative that we want to support. Though the journey to truck transport being completely fossil-free is long, we hope that this setup will be an incentive and a small step along the way."

“We will evaluate the solution on an ongoing basis and develop it based on customer needs and new technical conditions,” he concludes.