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APM Terminals Mumbai leads Performance Index with high volume and low vessel dwell times

APM terminals Mumbai (also known as GTI) has once again been recognized as the ‘Top Performing Terminal’ in India in the January 2023 ranking published by NICDC Logistics Data Services. This is 64th month in a row, that APM Terminals Mumbai has been placed in the star performance quadrant – for its combination of high volumes and outstandingly low vessel dwell times.

APM Terminals Mumbai applies the company’s global approach to continuous improvement, known as the APM Terminals Way of Working. One element of this is to use Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) Events to map processes in detail and use the combined expertise of people on the front line to identify opportunities to, for example, shave precious minutes of tasks, reduce waste or improve safety. Kaizen Events are directly linked to the company strategy and as such, a critical enabler to success.

Highest gateway terminal volumes in India

Despite having the highest volumes of any gateway terminal in India, APM Terminals Mumbai managed to maintain some of the lowest dwell times for export and import containers. Dwell times improved further still - by over 7% - in the latest measurement between December 2022 and January 2023.

Every colleague is encouraged and trained to be continuously looking for opportunities to improve performance. This loop then repeats, further refining what the company does and how it does it. The elements and methods used in Way of Working are used across terminals globally, creating a common language, shared best practice and one way of working.

“At GTI, our people are our most important asset. Their commitment towards adopting our Way of Working creates an environment of continuous improvement focused on delivering best in class customer experience,” commented Sunay Mukherjee, Chief Operating Officer at GTI.

“Team GTI aims to be a shock absorber for shipping line networks, by constantly reducing vessel dwell time, allowing ships to get back on schedule or enabling slower steam and reducing emissions. We have an ambition to reduce the time spent by vessels at port by more than 20% in comparison to previous years.”

30% Target for Port Stay Reduction

Because of this, learnings at APM Terminals Mumbai can be applied globally to help the company achieve its global aspiration of a 20% average port stay reduction by 2023 (compared to 2021) and 30% by 2025 across terminals worldwide.

“We have set the bar high, because we know that – especially in challenging times ahead – our customers need to unlock new opportunities to keep growing,” said APM Terminals CEO, Keith Svendsen. “And by reducing port stays across our terminals, we are unlocking new opportunities to save time, increase

efficiencies and reduce emissions – because we’re able to make vessels’ journey through each of our terminals easier and faster than ever before.”

Logistics Data Services

The Logistics Databank Analytics Report is published by NICDC Logistics Data Services (NLDS) - a joint venture between Government of India represented by National Industrial Corridor Development and Implementation Trust (NICDIT) and Japanese IT major NEC Corporation, with 50:50 equity participation. NLDS was established to leverage ICT across the Indian Logistics Sector, and share best practices across the various processes and work towards bringing in efficiency in the supply chain.