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APM Terminals Moín reduces vessel idle time by 50% in just ONE year

  • In 2022, shipping lines saved more than 2,000 hours of dwell time compared with the same level of container volume in 2021.
  • APM Terminals Moín leads in efficiency, with the lowest idle times in Latin America.
  • This improvement translates into increased productivity, savings for the organizations involved and a reduced environmental impact.

The Moín Container Terminal (TCM) has once again achieved high productivity standards in the first months of 2023. Reinforcing its continuous improvement process, the terminal continues - year after year - to reduce vessel idle times. In 2022 the average idle time for a vessel was 93 minutes, by April 2023 this had dropped to an average of 67 minutes, with a record 44 minutes.

In its first four years of operation, TCM has stood out for its efficiency. Productivity has been increasing year on year, and a substantial qualitative and quantitative leap was recorded in 2022: last year shipping lines saved more than 2000 hours of port dwell time compared with the same level of container volume in 2021.

Further dwell time reductions expected

This allowed them to sail to their next destination faster than before and freed up the berth for the following vessel. Dwell times are projected to reduce even further during 2023, creating a direct benefit to shippers, the environment (as they consume less bunker to reach the next port on time) and their end consumers.

Such high levels of productivity at TCM, has recently enabled around 19 vessels per week to call the terminal, making it possible for seasonal export products, such as bananas, pineapple, melon, and others, to arrive without delay in their main consumer markets.

"The Easter holidays, plus the delay in the arrival of some ships, puts a lot of pressure on the entire supply chain during these two weeks, including the quay. This year, thanks to high productivity, the performance of the terminal staff and good coordination with port users, we were able to handle this season in a very efficient and orderly manner," explained Mehdi Ben Mouloud, COO/Deputy MD of APM Terminals.

Strong collaboration with partners

Despite these adverse conditions, all export cargo could be shipped on time, thanks to the commitment of all APM Terminals Moín employees. "It is important to highlight the joint work of APM Terminals Moín, the Costa Rican Chamber of Shipping (NAVE), and the National Chamber of Cargo Carriers (CANATRAC), who all worked together to ensure a successful port operation," said Victor Konen, Commercial Director of APM Terminals Moín.