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"Working towards a sustainable world for future generations..."

Engaging in purposeful work, contributing to issues that she is passionate about, is what gives Sophie Song pep in her step every day. When she returned to work after having her first child, she was even more determined that her work be meaningful.

Singing from the same Song sheet

Luckily, her goals, and those of her employer for the last four years – APM Terminals – align perfectly. “The future means even more since I had my son just over a year ago. Working on our decarbonisation agenda is more personal to me than ever. I want to be able to look him in the eye and say that I have done what I can for a more sustainable future.”

As Nordic Decarbonisation Manager, based in Gothenburg, Sophie is in a role in which she can make a difference, but she is also working for a company that prioritises decarbonisation. The global terminal company has committed to Net Zero Greenhouse Emissions by 2040, with the interim goal of a 70% reduction in absolute (total) emissions for the 2020-2030 period.

Achieving 100% Zero

In Gothenburg, where Sophie is based, the terminal operates close to 100% fossil free container handling.

"We are very close to our natural environment and operate the largest terminals in this part of the world. So, we are proud of what we have achieved, but we're not cocky or self-congratulatory. Decarbonisation isn’t an option. It is our license to operate.

"Decarbonising is a global necessity. It is not something we can do on our own, and it's not something we can simply pay for. Net Zero requires collaboration – with Port Authorities, with our customers, and even our competitors, because we all share the same future. We need to work together.”

This time next year

In a year or two's time, Song’s son might be forming sentences. Soon after, he might ask where Mommy works. How would she describe her role to the toddler he will become? It’s a question that makes her smile and then furrow her brow in deep thought. “I would say to him: Mummy is putting her heart into making our earth better, our air fresher, our land greener and our water cleaner.”

Learn more about APM Terminals’ decarbonisation agenda here.