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Port of Salalah on track for record volumes in its 25th year of operation

As we celebrate the Port of Salalah's 25th anniversary this month, it is a fitting moment to acknowledge the remarkable journey and productivity that has characterized this terminal's operations. The Port of Salalah has consistently demonstrated its ability to unlock tomorrow's potential today, making it a truly exceptional and forward-looking institution.

In terms of volume growth, the Port of Salalah witnessed a remarkable growth both in the Container and General cargo side of the business. While the Container Terminal is creating more space for growth as we speak, we have witnessed a significant surge in general cargo volumes, recording a substantial 26 percent increase in the first half of this year. This impressive performance positions the port on track not only to mark a significant milestone in the General cargo side of the business, but also it is on course to break its own record for the full year 2023.

Training & Development

In extending his congratulations to the team, Keld Mosgaard Christensen, CEO of the Port of Salalah, emphasized that this anniversary provides a rare moment for reflection. He singled out training and development as pivotal contributors to the port's, and by extension, the team's success.

Christensen stated, "We strongly believe that employee development is not only crucial for their individual career progression but also for the overall success of our organization." He noted that the port has witnessed a consistent increase in customer satisfaction (Net Promoter Score) over the last four years.

Moreover, the Port of Salalah recently launched its Tamkeen Talent Development Programme, aimed at further instilling Lean business practices and nurturing talent within the company, particularly in leadership roles, including customer service.

Christensen emphasized the importance of developing their people and enhancing their leadership skills, recognising that it ultimately makes the company more effective in delivering services to their valued customers.

Hearts and minds…

For Nadya Al Sheibany, the anniversary of the Port of Salalah aligns perfectly with her own remarkable career journey within the company. She embarked on her career with us as a personal assistant, right from the inception of the company, back in November 1998. Since then, she has been presented with numerous development opportunities that have propelled her to her current role as Manager in Financial Reporting and Tax.

Reflecting on her journey, she shared, "I began from the ground up as a Personal Assistant to the CFO, and over time, I transitioned into the accounting department, gradually taking on more training and responsibilities, including the oversight of equipment procurement."

Today, Nadya holds a management position, where she leads a team, and she couldn't be prouder or more grateful for the company's unwavering support in advancing her career. Her story is a testament to the growth and opportunities that the Port of Salalah offers to its dedicated employees.

Strength to strength

The Port of Salalah remains a cornerstone in shaping the economic future of the Sultanate of Oman. As a facility that is partially owned and managed by APM Terminals (30%), it holds a pivotal position due to its strategic location along the major East-West Shipping Lane. The port is highly regarded for its exceptional access to key regions, including the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, and East Africa.

With its impressive infrastructure, the Port of Salalah boasts seven berths capable of accommodating vessels with drafts of up to 18 meters, and a General Cargo Terminal featuring twelve berths that can handle drafts of up to 16 meters. This world-class facility is well-equipped to handle a wide range of cargo, including the largest container vessels, bulk shipments, bunkering operations, and warehousing services, solidifying its status as a vital hub for international trade and commerce.