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APM Terminals Pecém breaks volume records and boosts fruit exports

Last month, APM Terminals Pecém, Brazil, handled 55,000 TEUs, the highest volume ever recorded in the terminal’s history. The terminal also saw an impressive 11% growth in container moves year to date, versus the same period in 2022, mainly driven by a 23% growth in the export of produce from the fruit growing centers of Pernambuco, Bahia, Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte.

For Daniel Rose, CEO of APM Terminals Pecém, the terminal’s Lean way of working culture has been a key factor behind this result. "Our agile response to increased demand ensured the continuity of services with high levels of reliability. Through these achievements we have reinforced our commitment to the Port of Pecém and the fruit growing sector in the northeast region in particular. This has strengthened the fundamental role of the Port as a hub for Ceará through the expansion of operations to support exports."

Historically, October and November have always been the highest volume months, largely due to the high demand for fruit exports to Europe and the United States. The strategic location of APM Terminals Pecém allows fresh produce grown in the country to reach its final destination faster.

Record forecasts

The port authority responsible for the Pecém Port complex forecasts exports from the fruit sector this season to reach 180 thousand tons, 10 thousand more than last year. It is also estimated that shipments will reach 7,200 refrigerated containers, with products grown especially in the hubs of Pernambuco, Bahia, Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte.

"We are optimistic about the future and committed to investing and growing together with Ceará and neighboring states. Our success is driven by the sustainable economic development in the region. We will continue to lift standards of efficiency and reliability, expand infrastructure, and promote sustainability and social responsibility in all our activities,” says Daniel Rose.

Supply of aid to drought affected areas

Marcelo Gurgel, Commercial Manager at APM Terminals Pecém, adds that, "In addition to the 23% growth in fruit exports in the last three months, the terminal was also the main Port for logistics to supply aid destined for Manaus, which suffers from the worst drought in the Amazon region ever recorded in history."

During this period, the terminal experienced a high demand for containers and acted as an operational hub for receiving a significant part of the cargo volumes destined for Manaus, from various shipowners.

"Our terminal was well prepared for this challenge and previous investment made in equipment, people and specific areas have lifted standards of proactivity for receiving transshipments and enabling the constant alignment between the various shipowners and Pecém Port Complex," adds André Gonzaga, Operations Manager at APM Terminals Pecém.

Lifting standards for 21 years

APM Terminals goal is to be the World’s Best Terminal Company and works daily to elevate foreign trade, as well as connect businesses, regions and people. This month (November), APM Terminals Pecém celebrates 21 years of lifting standards in the Brazilian and international market, as well as the community of which it is an active member.

This has been achieved by more than two decades of investment in equipment, infrastructure, training of manpower and improvements in the quality of operations. These outstanding results have been achieved through daily improvements resulting from the ongoing application of Lean methodologies and the sharing of best practices globally, whilst keeping the care for everyone's safety top of mind.