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APM Terminals calls on OEMs to support them in raising asset management standards

APM Terminals’ journey to towards becoming a world class asset management organisation started some years ago. In this next step of the journey, APM Terminals is calling on Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to support them in developing a competence development framework that will set the benchmark for professional development in the port industry.

To support the company’s journey from reactive asset maintenance to predictive asset management, a global team of APM Terminals’ experts has been improving asset management capabilities, technology and company culture - sharing best practise around the world and introducing standardised planning.

Technical Development Plan

In this latest step, a technical competence framework is being developed. It will combine knowledge from internal expertise, technical institutes, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). This will enable the asset management team to also adopt best practises from third parties and combine the most applicable techniques into its capabilities. It will also form part of a broader technical development plan for asset management teams at the company’s terminals.

“The competency framework project strategically organises vital knowledge and simplifies training processes,” explains Ivan Garcia Jorquera, Competence Development Specialist at APM Terminals. “Strengthening collaboration with OEMs is paramount for acquiring deep insights into equipment technology that align with maintenance objectives.”

Two-way benefits

For OEMs it provides an opportunity to build a stronger long-term relationship with APM Terminals through a joint commitment to service success. A long-term partnership can help support effective product design, by providing a 360-degree feedback loop to identify potential product issues at an early stage and open doors to exploring collaborative innovation. From an OEM cost saving perspective, resulting improved equipment reliability can minimise breakdowns and therefore costly technical assistance or warranty claims.

Last year, wire rope manufacturer, Verope, became one of the first OEMs to contribute their knowledge and expertise in wire rope management in close cooperation with APM Terminals Callao in Peru. In a statement issued by Verope they explained, “This strategic collaboration represents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to share our experience and knowledge on a new level. By joining this program, we are looking forward to delivering tangible benefits including practical experience that helps improve daily processes; skills development adapted to the specific needs of the company and real-time feedback from our technical field engineers.”

Faster more precise maintenance

The new technical competence framework will not only lift standards of efficiency with improved availability and minimal downtime for APM Terminals but will also improve safety. “Joint skill development enhances our internal expertise, reducing risks in equipment handling and ensures a safer workplace for our employees, customers and partners,” explains Ivan Garcia Jorquera. “Highly skilled technicians also enable faster, more precise maintenance and minimized disruptions leading to greater customer satisfaction.”

“We openly invite OEMs to collaborate with us on training materials and competence validation in the port industry. It's becoming increasingly clear that the industry is shifting towards mandating this. Precise fault diagnosis and effective repairs can help reduce carbon footprints, ensures safe maintenance practices, and foster a more sustainable business approach,” he concludes.

APM Terminals is calling on original equipment manufacturers to join them in setting world class technical competence levels in the maritime industry. For further information visit