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Collaboration is key to industry transformation says APM Terminals’ expert

How can the maritime and wider port industry best benefit from emerging technologies and advanced analytics? According to APM Terminals’ Head of Hub Investment and Integration, the answer lies in collaboration to lift the standards of connectivity.

james-wroe-450James Wroe, speaking at the Smart Maritime Network conference in Rotterdam today, emphasised that APM Terminals is focused on reducing port stays and eliminating waste to lift the standard of connectivity and efficiency.

Pivotal players

We will do this, he said, by whittling back on waste by using the Lean business methodologies adopted by APM Terminals globally, and by leveraging the data at our disposal, including new industry standards. James, and his hubs and collaboration teams, are pivotal players in the drive to unlock the full potential of data, people and ports. “We are already teaming up with like-minded customers and partners to end fragmentation,” he said, “and we welcome further opportunities to continue these efforts.”.

James said simplification, standardisation and data sharing agreements will lift the standard of connectivity and significantly reduce waste in operations, resources and skillsets. “It’s time to change the perception of processes that worked 20 or 30 years ago, to achieve the next levels of performance. Let’s release our people from the drudgery of repeatedly seeking and saving the same data. I am excited and inspired, by the potential that can be unlocked through integrated, standardised, efficient and – most of all - safe port stays.”

Smart moves

He added that APM Terminals is ready to work with peers, customers and industry partners to optimise vessel operations and the wider supply chain. “We can’t do it alone,” he said. “None of us are as smart as all of us. Together, we have an opportunity to facilitate transformation and reap the benefits for ourselves and our customers.”

The conference, held in Rotterdam – home to our world-leading Maasvlakte II terminal – brought industry leaders together to discuss the impact of advanced analytics and emerging technologies to improved decision-making processes.

James was joined on the panel by Chris Insall, Head of Maritime Market Development, ST Engineering iDirect, Ritesh Gupta, Senior IT Advisor / Digital Leader, Shell and Sean Crowley, Snr. Electrical Project Manager, Stolt Tankers.

The Smart Maritime Network (SMN) was formed to provide a platform promoting the benefits of enhanced integration and data sharing among stakeholders within the maritime and transport logistics sectors.