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Track expansion and Norwegian rail shuttle offer increased flexibility at APM Terminals Gothenburg

The year has begun with record volumes for APM Terminals Gothenburg, in part due to increasing volumes of forestry products shipped in containers rather than bulk cargo loads. This has been achieved without adding to road traffic in and around the terminal, thanks to an even stronger rail offering.

“The transition from bulk to containers really took off in 2023, prompted by a sharper focus on sustainability, and reliability, combined with lower transport prices for container freight," according to Per Wahlström, Senior Commercial Analyst at APM Terminals Gothenburg.

In March this year, after more than 20 years of work, the renovation and expansion of the Harbour Railway was completed by the Swedish Transport Administration. The final piece of the jigsaw was the extension of double tracks on the last kilometre into the Port of Gothenburg and APM Terminals. The completion of the project has tripled the capacity of the network from 80 to up to 240 trains per day.

Port rail capacity increased by 30%

Rail accounts for 50% of all goods transported to and from APM Terminals Gothenburg. The last stretch into the port was previously a bottleneck, and through this expansion alone the port's railway capacity is expected to increase by around 30%.

“At APM Terminals Gothenburg, we’re well equipped to receive even more trains and the demand for sustainable railway solutions remains high, especially in growth areas such as Norrland,” explains Svante Altås, salesperson and railway expert at APM Terminals.

“Improved infrastructure to and from the port will lead to smoother traffic and greater flexibility for our rail customers.”

First cross-border connection with Norway

Increased capacity is providing new opportunities, including the terminal’s first cross-border rail shuttle in over 10 years, to and from Oslo, a key market in Norway. Since 13 February 2024, Cargonet has operated two full-length trains a week from Oslo to APM Terminals, for onward travel by ocean-going vessels.

“The shuttle creates an efficient and sustainable direct connection between the Norwegian market and Scandinavia’s largest port. We see this as a long-term strategic initiative, and our hope is to increase capacity in the long term,” says Knut Brunstad, Sales and Marketing manager at Cargonet. “We're very pleased that Cargonet has chosen APM Terminals as its partner and we look forward to contributing to Scandinavian competitiveness. Everything has worked excellently, right from the start, and all trains have been fully loaded with different types of goods,” says Altås.