APM Terminals calls for industry solution on gates

At the JOC's 18th Annual TPM Conference today, Wim Lagaay, Head of APM Terminals USA portfolio, based in Charlotte, North Carolina presented APM Terminals views during a panel discussion: ‘Gridlock at the gate - The case for appointment systems and extended gates’.

“All partners in the supply chain have to work together to solve this. We believe an appointment system is clearly an industry solution that brings predictability to import cargo availability - and allows us to better balance truck volumes at the terminal gate," he said.

Wim Lagaay, presenting at TPM annual conference

"We want to see the system data-driven and adhered to by all parties. For late gates, you need the rest of the supply chain to be open after normal business hours and on weekends to work effectively. If we offer a late gate on a weekend – we need to ensure that truckers and importers are open and working so the distribution centers can accept the cargo.”

The panel consisted of executives from The Harbor Trucking Association, Advent – a terminal gate software provider, an importer from SG Footwear and the President of SSA Marine - who debated the terminal gate situation and how to add more velocity to supply chains.




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