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Our Facility

APM Terminals Kano is an inland container terminal (ICT) located in Kano, the commercial centre of northern Nigeria and its second largest city. It is the only ICT to have regular direct train services from Apapa. Both TBL (Through Bill of Lading) and Non-TBL customers choose APM Terminals Kano for a number of reasons:


  • Quick Delivery, loading and offloading of Containers in the terminal.
  • Fast positioning of Cargo for examination.
  • Terminal location gives us better accessibility because of less traffic and congestion
  • Quick transire processing which is done anytime customers visit the terminal
  • One payment method: Customer pays Apapa THC and Kano service charge after container arrive Kano, this facilitates quick load out of containers
  • TDO generated for TBL unit without Line delivery Order until arrival in Kano


  • Large Terminal Capacity/space for handling of containers and trucks
  • Spare space to accommodate waiting trucks
  • Additional warehouse for storage of exportable commodities
  • Regional and global coverage through extensive network of ports and inland locations

Service Minded

  • Extra service to customers, e.g. compilation of customers invoices to ease bulk payment
  • Automated system for invoicing and tracking of containers.
  • Time of opening and closing of the terminal is flexible for customers
  • Trusted team of experts to provide tailored logistic solutions
  • Cordial Customer service relationship and team

Safe & Reliable

  • Onsite Engineering Team
  • Own depots, truck fleet, handling equipment and other assets
  • Non editable invoicing system (secured from manipulation)
  • Secure environment
  • Provides Insurance coverage for all in transit TBL units
  • Highest standards of safety, transparency and compliance in the industry.

Cost Effective

  • Zero shipping line detention and demurrage after empty drop-off in Kano