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Drive Through Scanning

To reduce the time spent by truck drivers waiting for Customs Drive Through Scanner (at least three days faster), improve safety (drivers stepping out of their cabs) and increase efficiency (reduced truck break downs and queues) containers are driven through the scanner using a WACT Terminal Truck and returned to the yard stack while customers approach customs for customs' release before approaching terminal for final release (TDO).


  • Eliminates extra demurrage cost paid to merchant truckers.
  • Save’s importers truck detention charges.
  • Removes the risk of port authority truck clamping due to delays with clearance after scanning.
  • Pick-up of scanned container from the yard at any time of the day (Currently determined by Customs Scanning times: 9am - 6pm).


  • The customer needs to be there during scanning for rechecks and any questions customs may need clarified (minor re-checks).  
  • The scanner is available Monday-Friday.
  • The service is only available for 20ft and 40ft reefer/dry containers.
  • OOG may be considered on a case-by-case basis if it fits through the drive-through scanner


Scanning fees are the same as the current applicable fees at the physical examination ground.

  • NGN 35,280 20ft dry/reefer container
  • NGN 51,660 40ft dry/reefer container
  • Any units which fail the scanning and require physical examination will be subjected to an additional NGN10,000 per container


  • Download and complete a Scanning Indemnity Form
  • Submit an online Scanning Request below
  • Customer Service will email an invoice on receipt of the request
  • Ensure the invoice is paid a minimum of 24 hours prior to the requested scanning date and confirm payment at Customer Service front desk or by email to
  • Customer service will confirm if your requested date and timeslot is available (08:00am to 12:00pm for morning slot and 12:01pm to 05:00pm for afternoon slot)
  • Customer attends Scanning appointment with completed indemnity form.
  • Customer is responsible for securing his goods with padlock after customs scanning.
  • After the scan – customer approaches customs for the release of the cargo.
  • Customer requests Terminal Delivery Order (TDO) from the terminal via the Customer Service front desk or or by email to

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