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Weighing Bridge

Weighing Services

At the request of Shipper, we offer a seamless and timely container weighing solution. Our weigh bridges are calibrated and comply with the IMO SOLAS Act.

Shippers have the option of updating their previously obtained VGM on our Term-view platform prior to container gate in. Alternatively, our weigh bridge automatically weighs all export containers and provides their VGM in accordance with our terms and conditions. 

Process Flow:

  • Shipper pre-advises already obtained VGM on our Term-view platform.
  • Our weigh bridge automatically weighs all export shipments at the point of entry to the terminal.
  • Weigh bridge then weighs the empty truck at the point of exit.
  • The truck weight is subtracted from the cargo and container weight.
  • The cargo weight is now advised as the VGM.
  • Where there is a discrepancy between the weight obtained from our weigh bridge and shipper’s advised weight by <1000 kg, OO >1000kg a hold applies as customer will need to pay for the VGM.
  • Where the difference in weight is not up to 1000kg, the weight obtained form our weigh bridge is used but customer is not billed for it.
  • Also, if no weight pre-advise is received from customer on our Term-view platform upon unit gate in, the weight obtained from our weigh bridge is uses and customer is billed for the service.
  • Customer can also send us a special request for the weighing services.


  • No risk of cargo shut out due to shipment overweight or non-compliance to IMO SOLAS act.
  • No additional storage payments arising from shut out due to overweight.
  • Guaranteed accuracy of the cargo weight data.

Equipment and Facility:

  • Mobile Harbour Cranes - 4 – additional one expected by end of August 2022.
  • RTG’s – 18 – additional two expected before end of the year 2022.