Safety is of foremost importance, as it must be in all terminals, and we pride ourselves in not having to date any major accidents resulting in  major personal injury or death in WACT's  five years ofexistance. All personnel are issued with and have to wear safety gear.

Access to the stack is allowed to authorised personnel only and communication between all parties in the terminal is performed by means of the terminal's own two-way VHF radios with one dedicated channel within the terminal.

We work a 2 shift system - day shift from 08h00 to 20h00 and night shift from 20h00 to 08h00.

During the entire history of Onne container terminal, there was only one isolated incident of a container vessel being targeted while on the berth. There was no loss of property or injuries to personnel during the incident.

Security arrangements in the port have been beefed up after the above incident to fend off further attempts.

National staff of the terminal stay in neighboring villages ranging from 7 kms to 20 kms from the port. Port Harcourt town is some 35kms from Onne port. Expat staff working in Onne port live in a secure camp which is adjacent to the Onne port. It comprises of some 500 houses of various configuration plus facilities.

Security situation in Rivers state where Onne port is situated has improved considerably during 2008.