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Our TOPS payment platform now allows you track & trace cargo, order services, pay online, and check vessel schedules all in real time. 

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Existing users

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Track & Trace 

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Easily track and manage your cargo located at APM Terminals with searches by container, bill of lading, or booking number. 

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Vessel Schedules

Search vessels for a Terminal in our vessel schedule

Monitor vessel arrival and departure dates to keep current on important supply chain events. You'll find vessel schedules in the menu under Track & Trace.

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Order Services 

VGM Weighing Service

Order and pay for terminal services, such as extra gate bookings, to seamlessly manage the flow of your cargo through APM Terminals. It’s also possible to order VGM Weighing. You’ll find it in the menu under Export Charges.

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Pay Import Charges Online

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Easily look up and pay for pending hold activity charges to avoid unexpected supply chain delays. Ease your admin by downloading statements or searching invoice history.

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Pay Export Charges Online

VGM Weighing Service

Conveniently look up and pay for pre or post gate entry charges for your export cargo.

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View Examination Rates

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Via the top menu, you'll find a list of current rates for shipside exams, x-ray exams, on-terminal dry and reefer exams, out of gauge handling fees and more.

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