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APM Terminals Brasil raises awareness about traffic related accidents during Yellow May

Maio AmareloDuring May, the Yellow May campaign took place in Brazil to raise society's awareness of the high rate of deaths and traffic accidents. APM Terminals Brasil embraced this cause and throughout the month, carried out actions to attract the attention of various sectors of society, as well as educating people about security within our terminals.

In our Terminal in Pecem, among the planned actions, a checkpoint moment was executed, where over two days, drivers who passed through Gate 1 of the Port Terminal of Pecém, were approached by our team. They were provided with a pamphlet with guidelines and rules of conduct to be followed inside the Terminal of Pecém and a personalized garbage bag.

At our Itajaí Terminal, the focus of the Yellow May campaign was on external truck drivers. An animated video with Terminal safety instructions was released, focusing on drivers. This was in addition to meetings with transport companies for a lecture called "Coffee with Safety", held by the Timoneiros (Helmsmen) of the Mares.