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APM Terminals Pecém publishes report on transparency and equal pay for women and men

It is with great satisfaction that we announce the republication of our report on transparency and equal pay for women and men, prepared by the Ministry of Labor and Employment based on the year 2022. This document is the result of thorough research conducted by the Ministry, which reflects the commitment to the promotion of gender equality in the workplace.

Our role, as a company, is to adhere to the guidlines established by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, and that is why we are republishing this report. We recognize the importance of ensuring transparency and equal pay between men and women, and we are committed to contributing to building a fairer and more inclusive professional environment.

The republication of this report reaffirms our commitment to transparency and respect for labour rights. We are committed to promoting an organisational culture that values diversity and offers equal opportunities for all our employees. Together, we will continue to advance our pursuit of a more equitable and inclusive future of work.

[Note: Report has been auto-translated]