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Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC)

The Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) is a new train corridor dedicated to freight, aimed at decongesting India’s railway network. It will carry 70% of India’s goods trains. We enable our customers to leverage the benefits of the DFC as a front-runner.

Western Dedicated Freight Corridor India - MapAs the only terminal to offer complete electrification, APM Terminals Pipavav can support your ESG targets. It is leading the transition to a more cost efficient, faster, greener, reliable and safer connection with Northwest India to and from the rest of the world.

With existing – future-proof – infrastructure, APM Terminals Pipavav is the first Port in India to connect to the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor. A 269km broad gauge railway line connects the Port directly to the new Western DFC in two locations: Mehsana and Ahmedabad.

The Western Dedicated Freight Corridor runs from Dadri in Uttar Pradesh to JNPT in Mumbai. The Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor runs from Ludhiana in Punjab to Dankuni in West Bengal.

The DFC is dedicated to transporting freight at higher speed with increased load-carrying capacity, up to 6.2 million TEUs in total, reducing operating costs in India for rail freight significantly – making it a game changer for businesses and economies in India.

The DFC can also help in reducing detention & demurrage costs for customers who import & export high volumes. Customers may no longer need to clear all import boxes at the port – instead, they can use the DFC's fast rail connection to clear the boxes at an ICD, and then return the box within the stipulated free time. This is particularly useful for Solar importers.

Get aboard the DFC for a more cost efficient and faster rail connection

Measure Current DFC Change
 Height  4.3m  7.1m  +66%
 Width  3,200mm  3,660mm  +14%
 Container Stack  Single Stack  Double Stack  x 2.0
 Train Length  700m  1,500m  x 2.1
 Train Load  5,400 ton  13,000 ton  x 2.4
 Train Speed  24.7 kph  65 kph  +163%

Pipavav Rail

PRCL [Pipavav Rail Corporation Ltd] in which APMT Pipavav has a 38.8% stake, has developed 269 km of rail track from the port to Surendranagar which connects further to Indian Railways thus connecting the port to the ICD (Inland Container Depot) network in the west and north of India 

 On-dock rail: 14,381m (11 sidings)
✔ Trains/day: 12
✔ Format: Double-stack container trains

Pipavav Port

APM Terminals Pipavav is India’s first Public-Private Partnership  port for Containers, RoRo (passenger cars), Liquid Bulk and Dry Bulk cargo. It has access to all international shipping routes and is well connected to the northwest hinterland by rail and road.

✔ Capacity (moves / TEU): 1.35 million
✔ Berth length (meters): 735
✔ Area (ha):  632
✔ LOA (meters): 367
✔ Depth (meters): 14.5
✔ Cranes: 8 Post Panamax
✔ Outreach (container rows): 18
✔ Gate lanes: 3 in/3 out
✔ Reefer connections: >500


We’re the first port to provide access…