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APM Terminals Pipavav receives the first train on Maersk service originating from the ceramics heartland of Morbi

APM Terminals Pipavav, with its strategic location, is strengthening itself as the port of choice for connecting exporters from the northwest of the country. The port received the new rail service started by Maersk and operated by PRCL that connects the exporters from the ceramics heartland of Morbi via Private Freight Terminal at Maliya.

The rail service has resulted from the collaboration between the three crucial stakeholders: Maersk with its ocean and landside transportation expertise, APM Terminals Pipavav with its strategic location and as a preferred partner with superior connectivity and productivity and PRCL as an efficient rail partner. The export cargo is being moved on a rail service is helping decongest roads and improving the speed-to-market by reducing the total transit time by 15%. The rail service improves schedule reliability compared to road transportation and helps the exporters connect to their preferred ocean service without delays. With this new connection, APM Terminals Pipavav reinforces its offering as a reliable gateway for Gujarat's tiles and ceramics market.

The rail service was inaugurated by Mr Sanjiv Garg, Managing Director – PRCL and Mr Amit Bharadwaj, Chief Commercial Officer – APM Terminals Pipavav, in the presence of representatives from Maersk, and other partners, including Aarya Ocean, CHAs, and several ceramic exporters and paper importers.