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APM Terminals Pipavav Celebrated Global Safety Day

APM Terminals Pipavav marked Global Safety Day with a series of activities cantered around the theme, ‘We Make it Safe to Speak Up’ In alignment with this theme, the company introduced The Global Safety Awards to recognize and celebrate the commendable efforts made by employees in improving safety standards.

The overarching objective of this celebration was to empower employees to speak up, thereby fostering transparent, inclusive, and secure environment for all, which would seamlessly integrate into their daily professional routines. The port also awarded certifications to IMS Internal Auditor trainees, emphasizing the importance of continuous training and safety awareness within the workforce.

pipavav-safety-daySpeaking at the event, Mr. Girish Aggarwal, Managing Director at APM Terminals Pipavav, said: “At APM Terminals Pipavav, we are completely aligned with the safety theme ‘Make it Safe to Speak Up’ which gives utmost importance on having a transparent culture.  By reinforcing safe-to-speak-up environment, we are empowering employees to voice their opinions, share suggestions, and report safety concerns without fear of reprisal. When employees feel comfortable speaking up, they become active participants in the organization's safety initiatives which help and improve the workplace environment.”

Mr. Aggarwal appreciated the efforts of the dedicated employees who have left no stone unturned to become the champions of safety within the organization and helped others to take the similar footsteps to safer work environment.

The port organised various programs like ‘Safety Leadership Gemba’ – involving department heads with a focus on enhancing safety awareness and motivating individuals to actively report hazards and risks. 

Demonstration of firefighting equipment to the employees and their families living in the colony to guide how to handle the fire hazards.

Additionally, the initiative ‘Together We Speak Up’ seeks to cultivate a team culture where employees are encouraged to voice their concerns for the betterment of a secure working environment. The company has also embarked on an awareness campaign employing posters, badges, and the distribution of button badges.