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Trucker Detention Claims

Truckers are allowed to bill detention if they are on the terminal for more than 150 minutes on a single move and 210 minutes on a dual move. The time commences from the time the valid pickup ticket is issued. If the driver is first issued a trouble ticket the detention time doesn't commence until the problem has been resolved and valid pickup ticket is issued.  


A trucker bobtails in to pickup an import and is issued a trouble ticket at 9:10. The problem is resolved and drivers assistance issues valid ticket at 9:55.  The driver gets the container and is issued an outbound TIR at 13:30. The calculation should be as follows:

  • Pickup ticket: 9:55
  • TIR: 13:30
  • Time on term: 215 minutes
  • Single move terminal credit: 150 minutes
  • Billable time: 65 minutes

The terminal is obligated to pay $12.50 for every COMPLETED 15 minute increment of the billable time. In the example given there are 4 complete 15 minute increments in the 65 minutes billable. 4 increments times $12.50 = $50.00 billable. Please keep in mind that the outbound TIR unfortunately does not back out the trouble ticket time. In the example above the time on the TIR will show (time in 9:10 and time out 13:30). It is therefore important that you verify whether or not your driver was issued a trouble ticket before calculating the invoice.   

Trucker Detention Claim Form

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