APM Terminals North America COVID-19 Update

  • Our Business Continuity Plan is in place and working.
  • Precautionary procedures & processes to handle COVID-19 cases are in place.

In this time of crisis it is important for all of us in the global logistics chain to work together to keep the global economy moving. We continue to take aggressive measures to limit exposure to potential infection in our offices and on our terminals. We encourage you to sign for alerts and updates from APM Terminals locations as applicable to your business – at www.apmterminals.com/alerts

Operational initiatives underway include:

  • Agreed with Union leadership to allow temperature checks for frontline labor prior to dispatching to terminals in some locations.
  • Separation of labor force and workspaces wherever possible.
  • Sanitizing and containment procedures such as:
    • Having the same person use the same piece of equipment
    • Fixed cleaning/sanitizing wipe down schedules on equipment
    • Poster reminders of basic hygiene rules around terminals
    • Installation of portable hand-washing stations around terminal yard and berth.
    • Limiting the transportation of colleagues on site to groups of 10 or less
    • Cafeterias have become take-out only / gyms are closed.
  • An SOP is in place for handling a presumptive or confirmed case of COVID-19 that includes immediate quarantine of potentially-impacted individuals and professional, 3rd party, industrial cleaning of their work space(s), and reporting requirements.

We have installed a regular management protocol during the crisis – which includes:

  • Wim Lagaay, our CEO of APM Terminals North America is:
    • Having a daily conference call with all Terminal Managing Directors & critical functions to update current conditions, review prioritized actions, identify future planning needs and aligning with Maersk Group Companies and functions on safety/health/hygiene initiatives.
    • Having weekend calls with our global headquarters as part of APM Terminals global crisis management team/Business Continuity Planning.
    • Deploying our Labor Relations team to remain in close contact with the ILA and ILWU leadership in the US as well as the CROM in Mexico to keep them informed of all our local terminal activities, worker health precautions, and updates to our business continuity plans.
    • Receiving regular updates from our Government Relations team who remains in close contact with legislative leadership to help ensure our ports remain classified as “critical infrastructure” so they can continue to operate normally.
    • In continuous dialogue with our Charlotte office management team; 100% are working remotely without any interruption to business.
    • Implementing closure of non-essential areas of facilities and offices.

We are consistently monitoring empty container inventories, import/export dwell times, and last free days.

As we take care of COVID-19 impacts today, we must also prepare for the post-crisis.

Terminal fluidity will be vital to ensure critical goods can flow through our facilities and that vessels can be discharged and loaded timely to maintain network reliability. We will “stop the clock” on storage and terminal demurrage if a container is unavailable as a result of issues caused by APM Terminals, such as a yard block being closed or the reduction of gate hours. Other last free days and empty inventory limits will be maintained to avoid congestion.

Facility updates as of today are:

APM Terminals Pier 400:

  • Terminal is operating normally.
  • 2nd shift operations have been adjusted to start at 1900 and conclude at 0400 to allow for terminals to perform addition cleaning in between shifts.
  • There are some publicized adjustments to gate schedules.
  • Modernization project remains on track and unaffected.

APM Terminals Elizabeth

  • Terminal is operating normally.
  • The deployment of our Terminal Appointment System is progressing.
  • Frequent communication with NYSA, Bi-State Truckers Association & PANYNJ.

APM Terminals Mobile

  • Terminal is operating normally.
  • CY has additional space that can be flexed for longer term storage programs if required. Please contact Daniel.Saffer@apmterminals.com

South Florida Container Terminal (Miami)

  • Terminal is operating normally.
  • Terminal upgrade construction is ongoing with workers observing precautionary health hygiene measures.

APM Terminals Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico

  • Terminal is operating normally.
  • CY has additional space that can be flexed for longer term storage programs if required. Please contact Daniel.Saffer@apmterminals.com


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