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APM Terminals offers storage space in North America

APM Terminals in North America is making storage space available for ocean carriers facing logistics logjams. A fee-based storage will be available in APM Terminals Pier 400 Los Angeles, California; APM Terminals Elizabeth, New Jersey; APM Terminals Mobile, Alabama; South Florida Container Terminal, Miami, Florida and APM Terminals Lazaro Cardenas in Mexico.

The COVID19 pandemic has disrupted logistics chains resulting in lack of storage space in interior locations – the space available in APM Terminals will help those facing unexpected storage requirements. Equally important, the approach is designed to find creative ways to keep the port eco-system moving in a practical manner while partnering with customers to find local solutions to their distribution situations.

“Companies are looking for alternatives in their supply chains in the current market conditions. We are working closely with everyone in the industry to smooth the logistics flow in North America.  We will manage this carefully to ensure terminal productivity and fluidity are not affected by large volumes of long-term dwelling full containers that can create port congestion,” said Jeremy Ford, APM Terminals North America Chief Commercial Officer in Charlotte, NC. 

Since terminal storage space is limited, the program is based on a first come, first serve basis. Ocean customers can prepay for 30 days of storage within four days of the vessel arrival. Containers can be picked up anytime during the 30 days storage, however there is no refund for the unused amount.  For containers that remain on the terminal beyond the pre-paid 30 days, storage charges will begin to accrue at standard rates as set forth in the applicable contract or terminal tariff.

Any Detention & Demurrage charges between an Ocean Carrier and Beneficial cargo owner (or other stakeholder) remain between those parties. APM Terminals long-term storage product does not impact those contractual arrangements. Additional blocks of 30 day storage may be purchased on request, subject to available capacity.

How do I purchase long-term storage from APM Terminals in The United States?

1. Send an e-mail to the terminal contacts (listed on this page) with the following information no less than 4 business days prior to vessel arrival with:

a. Ocean Carrier Name
b. Vessel name
c. Bill of lading number(s)
d. Container number(s)
e. Beneficial Cargo Owners Name
f. Email address for invoicing purposes
g. You will receive an e-mail with total amount owed, along with banking information and instructions for sending the Wire or ACH.  Upon payment confirmation, container Paid Thru Dates will be amended in our system.

How do I pick-up my container that I purchased long-term storage for?

Contact the terminals 48 hours in advance of planned pick-up date via the representatives shown in the Contacts box on this page.