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Storage charges on loaded containers for rail locations metering capacity

Dear Valued Customers & Stakeholders,

Effective Mon. Oct. 3, 2022, APM Terminals Elizabeth will begin charging storage on any loaded containers destined for inland rail locations that are currently metering capacity. These locations will include but are not limited to CSX-Cleveland (CSX-CLE) and CSX-Indianapolis (CSX-INDY) at this time. If and when these locations return to normal throughput capacity, we will stop charging for storage once we clear the backlog of CSX-CLE & CSX-INDY-bound containers from the APM Terminals Elizabeth CY.

NYTC Tariff storage rates will apply to any loaded containers currently dwelling in the APM Terminals Elizabeth CY and any future inland arrivals all destined for CSX-CLE & CSX-INDY.

If you choose to divert containers that are already on terminal for either of these locations to TRUCK depart mode from RAIL, please ensure that you align with in advance.

We encourage you to continue working with your inland service providers to clear the backlog, so we can return to normal cargo flow.

Kind regards,
APM Terminals Elizabeth Management