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APM Terminals Elizabeth Advances $5M Electrification Pilot Project with $1.4M EPA Grant

APM Terminals Elizabeth is proud to announce significant progress in its $5 million investment for its Electrification Pilot Project, made possible through a generous $1.4 million Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This initiative represents a critical step in APM Terminals' ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation.

The DERA grant, aimed at reducing diesel emissions and improving air quality, has facilitated the replacement of seven diesel terminal tractors with new Mafi T 230e Electric-Terminal-Tractors (eTTs). These cutting-edge electric vehicles, which support both plug-in and wireless charging, offer zero direct emissions and reduced noise pollution.

“The project wouldn’t have been possible without the funding assistance and support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,” said Henrik Kristensen, Managing Director of APM Terminals Elizabeth.

“APM Terminals has set a goal to reach net zero in 2040 with one of the tools being the use of electric container handling equipment. Collaboration in this area is vital to accelerate the study, scale and adoption of standardized solutions that will ultimately reduce costs for industry to decarbonize for the benefit of our customers and the environment.”

The terminal initiated the pilot project in collaboration with sustainability experts from the Leonardo Academy, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps organizations develop sustainable, high-impact transportation practices. The pilot program will study key performance and operational aspects of using the electric trucks to test technology maturity and ensure operational readiness for the terminal. The new eTTs will contribute to yard, rail, and vessel operations.

Induction charging

wireless-charging-platformThe terminal completed the construction of its charging infrastructure in late 2023 to enable the deployment of the eTTs this spring. The terminal has installed nine Heliox level 3 60-180 kW fast charging stations.

In a terminal industry first on the U.S. East Coast, the installation also includes an InductEV wireless level 3 150 kW fast charging station that allows trucks to recharge simply by parking over a charging pad. The eTTs can operate for 16-20 hours after just two-hours of charge time. The power used to charge the electric terminal tractors is sourced from 100% renewable energy through a power purchase agreement.

“With full utilization, each electric terminal tractor saves up to 1,100 tons of greenhouse gas* generation annually and eliminates harmful particulate pollution,” said Jennifer Murphey, Head of Project Management for APM Terminals Elizabeth. “Cleaner vehicles mean cleaner air for the community.”

*Calculation based upon average emissions per operational running hour of Ottawa T2 diesel tractors.