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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a large organization Poti Sea Port has historically been actively involved in supporting the local community with its short and long-term needs. Over recent years, the company has established its CSR policy in a more structured and organized way and tailored the strategy to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). APM Terminals Poti currently supports:

  • SDG 2: Zero Hunger 
  • SDG 4: Quality Education 
  • SDG 5: Gender Equality 
  • SDG 13: Climate Action 

Revolving Spreader Project

The Port was awarded the CR Award 2019 in the category of 'Sustainable Cities & Communities' (UN SDG #11) for its Revolving Spreader Project -  a new technology for handling bulk cargo. This initiative provides a unique environmentally friendly solution. A special mobile crane device reduces the environmental impact of processing bulk loads, increases efficiency and decreases the risk to human health and safety. At the same time, customer satisfaction and effectiveness of the port are significantly improved.

The Corporate Responsibility (CR) Award is organized by the UN Global Compact Network Georgia and it aims to encourage business involvement in the implementation of Sustainable Development Agenda 2030. APM Terminals Poti was also named a winner in the CR Award 2018 for The Best Human Rights Project, which acknowledged the Road-Safety Training offered to Truck Drivers entering the Port Premises.

Caring about the society, environment and economics we operate in, APM Terminals Poti is actively involved in supporting and implementing important CSR activities and social investments through participation in, or sponsorship of a variety of CSR initiatives.

Project APMTerminals4Poti

In February 2021 an agreement was signed between APM Terminals Poti and a Georgian Business-Enables Association that was selected through an open tender and will be in charge of running the Project APMTerminals4Poti – a company funded project for supporting Small Business Entrepreneurship in Poti.  

The Small Business Support Program has been designed within the APM Terminals Poti Deep-Water Port Construction Project. It aims to provide competitive business and employment opportunities to start-ups and experienced entrepreneurs. In 2021, APM Terminals Poti won the CR Award 2021 in the 'Sustainable Cities and Communities' category for its the implementation of this program, which is expected to bring direct benefit to the Poti community by increasing employment and easing access to needed services and products. The Award was organized by the UN Global Compact Network Georgia.

Crane Simulator

APM Terminals Poti’s latest CSR Activity is a Crane Simulator LAB for the Poti Maritime Training Center. The laboratory includes Crane and Lifting Equipment which simulates the operation of 6 types of port and construction equipment during classroom-based training.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

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