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Safety Rules

Dear customers,

Please be sure to follow the safety requirements listed below when entering the vehicle pick-up area of the APM Terminals Poti container yard:
  • It is necessary to wear a reflective vest;
  • Keep a safe distance from moving equipment;
  • Obey safety instructions;
  • It is forbidden for the visitor to arbitrarily charge the car with the charging device belonging to the company;
  • It is forbidden for the visitor to arbitrarily inflate the car tires with the pump-compressor belonging to the company;
  • The permissible speed when driving a vehicle in the territory is 10 km/h;
  • Smoking is allowed only in specially designated areas;
  • It is forbidden to move the car with open doors and trunk;
  • While waiting, it is necessary to stay in a specially designated safe area / booth;
  • If you have any questions, please contact the parking operator;
  • In emergency situations, please call the company's hotline: +995 599887979.