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APM Terminals Quetzal Promotes the Community and Social Development in San José, Escuintla

Under an agreement made with the Municipality of San José, Escuintla in 2017, APM Terminals Quetzal (APMTQ) has invested US$ 500,000 per year in infrastructure, education, health and productivity projects in the community. The first major projects were handed over this year.

The first project was the delivery of two main streets, in April 2019, that were rebuilt in the town center, to ensure the safety of road users and pedestrian traffic. 

In June, the total reconstruction of the Miramar School began. The remodelling, which will provide modern facilities and recreational spaces for teachers and students, will positively impact the education of more than 700 children from the town. 

Another important initiative has been the involvement of Community Councils for Urban and Rural Development (Consejos Comunitarios de Desarrollo Urbano y Rural) in strategic sessions run by APM Terminals’ Sustainability Team. This will enable them to develop and lead their own projects in the short and long term.


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