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APM Terminals Quetzal launches port customs control tool for Tax Authorities

APM Terminals Quetzal (APMTQ) has delivered a port customs control and intelligence software tool to the Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT). This allows it to access real-time information about inventory and cargo movements within the port area. 

The tool was developed by a team specialized in information technology at APM Terminals Quetzal in collaboration with SAT. Among other things, the tool provides access to the inventory of import and export containers, containers in transshipment, empty and abandoned containers, as well as the registration of containers with appointments for entry or scheduled withdrawal from the Temporary Customs Warehouse (DAT).

Gabriel Corrales, General Director of APMTQ said “Since we started operations in the country, we have been working together with the authorities to open a new era in the handling of commercial cargo in the region. This tool, which will be used by customs personnel assigned to APM Terminals and the Regulatory and Security areas of the Customs Office, will strengthen transparency and increase security in the handling of containerized cargo”. 

Real-time information

With the implementation of this new digital resource, Customs will be able to access timely information for the inventory of containers carried out by the Customs Office as part of the inspections of the DAT, as well as the inventory of abandoned containers to include them in the planning of auctions carried out by SAT and generate notices to importers for the rescue of their goods and the payment of the respective taxes. 

APM Terminals Quetzal is committed to continue contributing its logistic experience in the maritime-port industry, with services that promote an efficient, constant, and safe operation, joining efforts with the authorities to contribute to the economic development of the country.