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APM Terminals Quetzal delivers infrastructure project to the Municipality of San José

220525-3To promote the community's social development where it carries out its port activities, APM Terminals Quetzal (APMTQ) began construction in 2021 and delivered in May 2022 two convergence centers, which had an investment of more than $300 thousand. The first center located in the neighborhood "October 20" has a size of 600m2 and the second in the area "La Libertad" of 800m2; the construction lasted eight months and was monitored by representatives of the Municipality.

These works are part of APMTQ's commitment to community development and comply with the Municipality's corporate social responsibility (CSR) agreement. Both centers have clinics for medical days, waiting rooms, reception, supplies storage warehouse, meeting room, outdoor benches and parking for visitors.

Gabriel Corrales, director of APMTQ, indicated, "today is an important day for the community of San José. It fills us with great satisfaction to officially deliver these projects to benefit the area's residents. From APMTQ, we will continue working together with the municipal authorities to create sustainable projects on the axes of infrastructure, education, productivity and health, which meet the main needs of the community".

In addition, for 2022, APMTQ announced the start of the project for the village of San Juan el Aguacatillo, which consists of establishing a drinking water system with a 700-foot deep well, and the construction of an elevated metal tank for water storage, perimeter and area booth and partial distribution network.

In 2017, APMTQ and the Municipality of San José began with the design of CSR plans. Due to the joint work between authorities and representatives of COCODES, the implementation of the projects has been successful. The investment plan began to be executed in 2018, representing 500 thousand dollars per year for various San José, Escuintla area initiatives.