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Our Terminal

APM Terminals Quetzal opened for operations in 2017. It has an annual container throughput capacity of 340,000 TEU and is currently the largest facility between the port of Lázaro Cardenas in México, and the Panama Canal, on the west coast of Central America. It is the only terminal in Guatamala capable of handling 10,000 TEU vessels due to its 14.5 m draft.

Currently operating at around 60% capacity, the terminal is equipped with three Super Post Panamax Ship-to-Shore cranes (20 container outreach) on a 350m quay. With 610 reefer plugs, the terminal handles fruits and vegetables, coffee, grains, fertilizer, fish, cotton, textiles and tobacco, which account for around half of Guatemala’s exports.

The terminal's state-of-the-art terminal operating system optimizes security, control and cargo management. It also enables customs and customers to operate as efficiently as possible. Rapid truck turnaround times are made possible thanks to 5 gate lanes and a digital appointment system. Customers can track their containers real-time. Its goal is to be the maritime container terminal with the highest productivity and highest safety rates in Central America.

At a glance

  • Online customer portal to facilitate ease of doing business, such as customs clearance and additional service requests
  • Online appointment management system reduces waiting time at entry or exit from the terminal by issuing a PIN
  • Track & Trace provides accurate and real-time information on the status of your container
  • 24/7 live monitoring through high resolution cameras in all areas.
  • Simultaneous customs inspections
  • Reduced waiting time for vessels due to dedicated berthing windows
  • Transparency - control over container history

Authorised Economic Operator Status 

In 2019, Guatemala’s Superintendence of Tax Administration (SAT), customs entity recognized APM Terminals Quetzal’s transparency and security through its accreditation as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). The terminals achieved a 100% compliance rating. Gantry crane control cabins provide customers officials with access to 10 strategically located cameras, to supervise and control the codes of each container entering or leaving a ship. Recordings from the cameras are available for up to 90 days for internal use by the authorities to give greater traceability to container loading. AEO accreditation offers a series of direct benefits for customers including:

  • Simplified and fast procedures to dispatch cargo.
  • A SAT Account Managers to provide a direct link between the terminal and the Customs Administration.
  • riority consideration to be part of new programs aimed at facilitating the dispatch of goods.
  • Specialized training in logistics chain security, international trade and customs issues for employees.


APM Terminals Quetzal was acquired by APM Terminals in March 2016 while under construction. APM Terminals invested US$180 million in modernizing the terminal, and increasing the Port of Quetzal’s capacity by 35%. The new terminal is an 85%/15% joint venture between APM Terminals and The International Finance Corporation of the World Bank. In 2017, APM Terminals  announced plans to invest a further $145m in APM Terminals Quetzal over the next 19 years.