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Qingdao New Qianwan Container Terminal

The Qingdao New Qianwan Container Terminal (QQCTN) was Asia's first fully automated container terminal and remains one of the world's most advanced. Operational since May 2017, it is located on the South Bank of Qingdao Qianwan port area and has an annual capacity of 4.2 million TEU. It can accommodate the world's largest 24,000TEU container vessels.

Equipment & Facilities

  • Single lift double trolley STS: 16
  • Electric AGVs: 85
  • Automatic high-speed rail crane (ASC): 76
  • Berths: 6
  • Quay: 2,088m
  • Draft: 20m


The terminal is controlled by laser scanners and positioning systems that can locate the four corners of each container to accurately clamp and move them onto AGVs. This technology allows the terminal to operate in complete darkness during the night, which has helped reduce the terminal's labour costs by 70% and increase efficiency by 30%. An example of where this has taken effect is the amount of workers required to unload a cargo ship as this has been reduced from 60 to nine. 

Automated guided vehicles are programmed with routes and tasks and also have the artificial intelligence to recognise when a recharge is needed.

  • Automated equipment scheduling
  • Automated vessel stowage
  • Fully automated container delivery
  • Automatic twist lock robot system
  • Unmanned intelligent gate system


QQCTN is joint-venture with between the Port of Qingdao, APM Terminals (19%), DP World, and Pan Asia International Shipping (HK) Ltd.