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Rijeka Gateway opens exhibition on The History of the Rijeka Port

Rijeka Gateway has prepared an exhibition in collaboration with the Maritime and Historical Museum of the Croatian Littoral titled "The History of the Rijeka Port from the late 16th century to Rijeka Gateway."

The exhibition, opened by Koen Benders, CEO and President of the Management Board of Rijeka Gateway, Tamara Mataija, Director of the Maritime and Historical Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka, and the Mayor of Rijeka, Marko Filipović, features 10 display panels along Rijeka's historical Korzo.

The exhibition traces the development of the Rijeka port throughout history, from the late 16th century, through its significant expansion in the 19th century, reaching its peak in the 20th century, and the post-war years of the 1990s, up to the present day. It also offers a glimpse into the future, looking ahead to a crucial moment in the economic development of the entire Adriatic region - the construction of the future Rijeka Gateway container terminal.

“Rijeka Gateway represents more than just a name; it encapsulates the promise of a state-of-the-art terminal, a terminal of the future, where speed, depth, environmental ambitions, and safety converge. With the slogan "Faster, safer, deeper, greener", we set forth on a path that transforms not only our port but the very essence of how we connect with the world” – said Koen Benders at the opening.

“As we walk through this exhibition, we will encounter keywords that resonate with the heart of our history – shipping, the port, import, export, expansion, and the legendary torpedo factory,” he added. “We witness the evolution of a once-humble port into a modern one, ready to shape the future of maritime trade. Let us embrace the legacy we inherit, the present we shape, and the future we envision together.”