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Gate Procedures

To prevent delays or unsafe situations for trucks and other visitors to the terminal, it may be necessary for us to regulate the number of trucks at the terminal and to prevent traffic queues on the N15 highway. Please check our Operational Alerts to see if our pre-gate procedure is in operation. The Pre-gate area is located adjacent to the terminal: Pre-Gate Area Map (pdf)

  • Truckdriver needs an active CargoCard with Finger vein. Request at card via
  • If the TAR code is NOT OK there is no permission to enter the terminal.
  • For multiple transactions the TAR code needs to be linked. (1 TAR code per visit)
  • Stay in your cabin. No walking allowed in the gate area.

Cargo drop off/ pick up procedure

  1. Truck driver/company pre-announce container visit (via according to procedure and receives a TAR code with an OK status.
  2. Truck driver arrives at the terminal, scans Cargo Card, finger vein and register with TAR code at the first pedestal.
  3. Truck driver drives through the camera gate. The camera gate will verify the license plate, container number, IMO labels (if required), seal presence (if required).
  4. Truck driver must insert his seal number at the second pedestal (only for drop off full containers).
  5. Gate Clerk will handle the request.
  6. Interchange with route plan will be printed for the truck driver.
  7. Truck driver can proceed to the grid to have the container (un)loaded. At the grid, the drivers must scan his Cargo Card at the pedestal and unlock the twist locks.
  8. When the container is (un)loaded the truck driver need to lock the twist locks and register his seal number (if required) before proceeding to the outbound camera gate.
  9. Truck driver have to scan the Cargo Card at the outbound camera gate to proceed to the out gate. The camera gate will verify the license plate, container number and seal number.
  10. Tuck driver must insert his seal number/damages at the out gate kiosk (if required). At the pedestal the interchange for the truck driver will be printed.
  11. Scan the Cargo card at the last pedestal to exit the terminal.