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Cut-Off Times & Data Requirements

Vessel & Feeder Deadlines


Action: Shipping Line / Feeder operator

Initial Load List submitted to APMTR including the booking of empties and including rolling requirements.

39 hours prior to vessel arrival.

Export Cargo cut off – Dry & Reefer.

24 hours prior to vessel arrival. Load Ready¹ for all modalities: truck, barge, & rail.

Final Load List submitted to APMTR. Must include Empties and must exclude transhipment connections exceeding the deadline.

24 hours prior to vessel arrival. 

Final Stowage Plan submitted to APMTR including restows, matching the final load list.

13 hours prior to vessel arrival.

Export Cargo with Late Arrival Requests cut off 12 hours prior to vessel arrival. 

Discharge List, BAPLIE submitted to APMTR, including change of destinations.

21 hours prior to vessel arrival.

Empty Load Requirements

21 hours prior to vessel arrival & critical that same are correctly included in the Load List (advised by APMT) & Stowage plan (by Shipping Line).  Exceptions:For empties which are to be loaded ex depot if >=100 then final advise 24 hours  prior to vessel arrival, if >= 200 then 36 hours, if >=250  then 48 hours. 

Import & Vessel Connections

All times in line with the cut-off times of the 2 ndmodality:
Minimum 25 hours after end of vessel operation for Inter Terminal Transfer.
Minimum 8 hours after end of vessel operation for rail. (rail RTO deadlines)
Minimum 5 hours after end of vessel operation for barge. (barge RTO deadlines)
Minimum Completion of Operations +13 hours prior to arrival of next vessel: Feeder/Mother Vessel to Mother Vessel/Feeder.
Minimumn 1 hour after end of vessel operation for truck.

Deadline Adjustment vs. Vessel Delay

All Deadlines related to proforma vessel arrival remain unchanged, except where vessel arrival is delayed more than 8 hours and changes are specifically agreed upon.

Barge Deadlines


Action: Barge operator

Booking of berth for barges

Barges must book a berth a minimum of 24 hours in advance, except for Friday 09.30 hours until Monday 23.00 hours. It is important that barges update correct information (ETA, move counts, etc.) so that APM Terminals Rotterdam can plan accordingly. Updates still need to be done to the booking even when less then 24 hours to ETA.

Submit bookingnumber load request empties to APM Terminals Rotterdam (APMTR)

24 hours prior to C.H.T. or earlier.

Submit release to APMTR

24 hours prior to C.H.T. or earlier (by container operator).

Forward discharge list to APMTR

10 hours prior to C.H.T. or earlier.  

Submit loadlist including empties to APMTR

10 hours prior to C.H.T. or earlier.  

Submit documentation to APMTR

5 hours prior to C.H.T. or earlier 

C.H.T. = Confirmed Handling Time of the barge

Dwell times – Yard capacity/Utilisation


Action: Shipping Line & APMTR


No cargo received for the vessel more than 8 days prior to arrival.


Average import dwell time to be maintained at target 6 days. Units more than 30 days to be moved inland.


Empty storage capacity to be limited to a maximum of 5,500 TEU  at any time.


Average transhipment dwell time to be maintained at target 6 days. Units more than 30 days to be loaded on next vessel out.

Data quality - Import container destination


Action: Shipping Line

Import Intermodal Selection

If nothing is advised then unit is landed for import truck with additional yard handling applicable for change of modality. 100% carrier haulage should be identified road/rail/barge 14 hours prior to arrival of the vessel² via the discharge COPRAR.

¹ Load Ready requires that all necessary documentation is delivered to APMTR.
² With exception of Felixstowe, Antwerp, Le Havre & Bremerhaven