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VGM - Rotterdam

VGM Weighing

APM Terminals Rotterdam offers two options for SOLAS compliant VGM container weighing. The pre-gate solution, which costs EUR 90 per container is more cost effective. Due to additional moves (from the stack to the weighing facility and back), the cost of VGM in the terminal is EUR 150 per container. The price includes weighing a data transmission via EDI.

VGM should be ordered and paid for 24 hours in advance, using either credit card or iDeal. If incorrect data (container number, terminal or after/before gate-in) has been provided by customer, the customer should cancel order by contacting the terminal using the contact details on the website.

If an order cannot be carried out by APM Terminals the terminal will cancel the order and send an e-mail to the customer. In both cases we will refund the payment to the credit card or bank account of the customer within 14 days, but in the first case we will deduct a 2.50 EUR charge for the transaction costs.

Containers being ordered by clients via the website   will be weighed by a certified weighing device with load bars, which is compliant to the European and Dutch legislation for weighing instruments. A VGM Certificate will be issued by email.