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Temporary Storage Facility

The Yanino Logistics Park LLC is included in the register of owners of temporary storage facilities (TSF) by the Saint Petersburg Customs Office. This means it can provide a wider range of cargo handling services to its customers, including the handling of export cargo and cargo arriving to Russia from non-member countries of the Customs Union.

Temporary storage facilities also reduce logistics costs for import and export companies, and extends cargo handling beyond the port terminals.

A TSF is a warehouse where goods are placed for temporary storage from the moment they are presented at customs until they are released pursuant to usual customs procedures. 

A TSF licence allows an inland terminal to provide storage and handling services for cargoes that are subject to customs regulation, to organise onsite veterinary control and plant quarantine and to reload export goods under customs compliance. This means that export cargo can be released from ports without further inspection, since the TSF container loading is performed under the observance of customs authorities.


  • Permanent customs control zone capacity – 60 vehicles;
  • Open TSF yard capacity– 1,496 m2 area – 20 vehicles;
  • Automated information system to control vehicle arrivals, registration of acceptance/release of cargo;
  • Weighing equipment with various weighing limits;
  • Radiation control devices;
  • Handling equipment for handling of any type of cargo under 50 tons, including oversized;
  • Access to rail tracks.

Yanino Logistics Park