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HSSE - Health Safety Security Environment

The Port of Salalah is committed to the health, safety and security of anyone who might be affected by our business, and the environment we operate in. We do this with the specially trained professionals in our dedicated HSSE team; we have the necessary equipment and supporting material; we employ vigorous routines, policies and procedures; we work closely with industry specialists and the authorities; and above all, we train and educate.


We care greatly about the health of our people. We have established an own first-class clinic in the port that takes care of first aid and primary medical treatment for employees and their families, and of course also offers advice and education on all health and medical related issues.


Safety is always the number 1 priority at the Port of Salalah. Under the SAFETY FOR LIFE slogan, the HSSE team spearheads many and varied programs including: Developing and instilling safe working practices, and monitoring that they are followed; providing training and education; providing and using the right personal protective equipment, always. The team also ensures we are always ready to deal with the unexpected, keeping fire fighting and emergency services at the ready.


At the Port of Salalah we provide a secure environment in the port and the surrounding area. This of course includes our customers cargo. We take the security aspect very seriously, and employ our own dedicated and highly trained security officers that supplement the contingent of police officers always on duty in and around the port. The Port of Salalah also participates in a number of international programmes, such as CSI (Container Security Initiative) and we are, of course, also fully ISPS compliant and certified.


The commitment to conducting business in a way that is both safe and sound, of course also goes for the environment. To ensure this, we are working according to stringent procedures and we monitor what happens. We have emergency services at the ready, and we work in close cooperation with the public authorities and a number of recognized industry experts.