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COVID-19 Update: English

Dear Customer,

On March 23, 2020, the Ivorian government announced exceptional measures to limit the spread of Covid-19, including the establishment of a curfew from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

All the players in the sector have also taken measures to provide the service and protect the lives of workers, among others:

  • Customs: Offices closed at 2 p.m.
  • Bank: Offices closed at 2 p.m.

APM Terminals SAN PEDRO, in agreement with the decisions taken by the highest governmental authorities and its partners, therefore takes the following measures in order to provide the service and protect all staff and stakeholders.

SAN PEDRO Control of Goods Declaration deposit  Monday to Friday [08:00 - 17:00] 24 working hours before docking of the ship, customs declarations are received until 12:00
SAN PEDRO Checkout  Monday to Friday [08:00 - 13:00]  
SAN PEDRO Depot Empty Container 
Monday to Sunday [08:00 - 17:00]  
SAN PEDRO "Parc Stop" depot Monday to Sunday
[08:00 - 17:00]  
SAN PEDRO Trucking  Monday to Sunday  [08:00 - 17:00  
SAN PEDRO Bascule Bridge Monday to Sunday [08:00 - 15:00]  
SAN PEDRO Terminal Entrance Monday to Sunday [08:00 - 15:00] Full containers will be closed at the terminal if the bonded space is full.



APM Terminals SAN PEDRO has initiated discussions with the Port Community of San Pedro in order to obtain certain derogations from the competent authorities for the movement of goods during the night shift.

In the meantime of a favorable return from the competent authorities, the above-mentioned measures are taken from April 08, 2020.

APM Terminals SAN PEDRO, will regularly observe the situation in order to make arrangements to balance schedules and services.

Staff can be reached at the usual numbers for any information needs.