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San Pedro Port

Our Services


  • Shore handling
  • Loading / Unloading (empties and full)

Marine-side Handling

  • Loading/unloading of full or empty containers
  • Shunting
  • Landside handling in San Pedro
  • Import/export administration
  • Third-party truck loading (lifting)
  • BCO truck loading (lifting)


  • Shunting within the port
  • Customer deliveries
  • Container transport services
  • Loading / unloading truck

Dry and Reefer Container Storage

  • Empties
  • Preparation & Repair of dry containers
  • Full (plugging & monitoring for import and export)
  • Depot (handling, inspection, cleaning, etc.)

Warehousing & Logistics

  • Bulk discharge, pile in/out, stowage
  • Stripping and stuffing (bag and bulk)
  • Dressing
  • Weighing and VGM delivery
  • Storage of empty or full containers
  • Container handling (grounding or truck loading)
  • Entry / Exit Store
  • Container stuffing and unloading
  • Container cladding