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Our Terminal

The Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT) is strategically located at the mouth of the Suez Canal – offering zero deviation from one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world – and creating unique access to key markets in the East, West and Centre Mediterranean, Egypt as well as Levant, Black Sea and Adriatic Sea. SCCT's vision is to become the largest hub in the Mediterranean and the leading Gateway of Egypt.

  • Unrivaled Feeder Network that covers and connects the Mediterranean region wide.
  • State of the art PMPH (Port Moves Per Hour) standards. Ensures no operational waste buckets.
  • Maintains Schedule Reliability to our customers.
  • Reduced transit times to major Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea markets, in particular to and from Asia.
  • One of the few real privatized terminals in the region
  • State of the art equipment and IT/EDI
  • Simplification of tariff and local procedures
  • Local government backing in developing the region and promoting employment.  

Terminal Specifications

The completion of a dredging project, which deepened the terminal’s draft to 17 meters, and 18 super-post Panamax cranes means that SCCT is capable of handling the largest containerships in the global container industry. SCCT is the only facility in Egypt that is able to accommodate vessels of 20,000+ TEU capacity and the only terminal to be able to simultaneously serve two ultra large container vessels, without compromising on productivity. The gate is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with 6 in-bound and 2 out-bound lanes.

  • Ship-to-Shore Cranes: 18 (Max lifting capability 90 tons/52.5m above rail/ 24 container rows)
  • Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes (RTGs): 60
  • Quay Length: 2,400 m
  • Terminal Capacity: 5 million TEU
  • Reefer Plug Points: 4,000
  • Allowable Draft Alongside: 17 meter


Full export containers complete security checks takes around 40 minutes that includes passing through one of six dedicated X Ray scanners, and cross the Port Said tunnel to the other side. Empty container takes around 20 minutes to cross.

The new 3rd July tunnel, also referred to as Port Said tunnel, under the Suez Canal just south of Port Said, opened in December 2019. This followed the opening of the Ismailia tunnel earlier in 2019 and the 30th June Axis road, a 10-lane highway with 2+2 dedicated lanes for trucks. These new East-West approaches now provide rapid access to the terminal. Full export containers complete security checks, which include passing through one of six dedicated X-Ray scanners, and cross the Port Said tunnel in around 40 minutes. Empty containers take around 20 minutes.


SCCT has its own Engineering Training Lab. The aim from the lab is to combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience in equipment automation and technology. Trainees who use the lab will be able to use these systems to gather the real, practical experience that they need to work independently in the terminal environment and contribute to terminal productivity. 

The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art testing tools supplied by FESTO Didactic co., the world-leading provider of equipment and solutions for technical education, offering holistic education solution for both mechanical and electrical engineering.



SCCT opened in 2004 on a 49-year concession. It is a Joint Venture with APM Terminals the majority shareholder (55%) and operator. Other key shareholders include COSCO (20%), the Suez Canal Authority (10.3%), Egyptian private sector (9.7%)  and the National Bank of Egypt (5%).


We want to be recognized by our customers, as their most reliable, efficient and cost effective hub in the Mediterranean and Egypt’s gateway to international trade participating to lift the overall Egyptian economy.

We will leverage our unique location at the Suez Canal by servicing the largest vessels in the world. We will drive performance in the organization with a strong focus on continuous improvement via Process Excellence and Total Productive Maintenance.

We want to attract the right people in the industry on all levels of the company, thus we need to retain our talents, reward performance and develop social partnership. Our license to grow to become the largest hub in the Mediterranean is superior profitability and value to our shareholders, which we will deliver by meeting our customers’ expectations and adapting cost as a lifestyle."

We want to reach our vision, while focusing on safety, health and security, improving our environmental position and contributing to the local community.

Our Corporate Purpose

Help define Egypt`s future every day

“As the largest, fastest growing Egyptian container terminal, SCCT employees are helping Egyptian people every day by attracting more business to the country, more jobs, more investment.  Together, we play a significant role in the Egyptian economy and position in the world by constantly improving our services to compete better than our port competitors in the region.”