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Staying up-to-date in today’s challenging logistics industry, while keeping costs low, is not easy. We’re convinced that using modern, standardized and tested application programming interfaces (APIs) is the quickest and most cost-effective way to stay ahead.

How can our APIs help your business?

APM Terminals’ innovative, industry-leading APIs enable you to pull real-time container status data from its Terminal Operating Systems, into your own internal systems - a Transport Management System (TMS) for example. 

APIs remove the need to look up information manually via our existing Track & Trace channels, making this the ideal solution for shipping lines, inland transporters, cargo owners and managers, and data aggregators who process higher volumes.

  • Cost effective - removes the need to look up a container's status manually
  • Increased accuracy - container data is transferred automatically removing the chance of human error or reliance on outdated information
  • Time saving - enables large volumes of data to be handled with no manual intervention
  • Improved planning - guarantees you’re using the most up-to-date information available in the supply chain

Available APIs

In Spring 2020 we will be rolling out Import Availability and Vessel Schedule APIs for our terminals in Los Angeles, Port Elizabeth and Mobile. Following this, they will be rolled out for the majority of our terminals during 2020. We also have plans for APIs that use predictive data, such as estimated discharge times, and an API that allows you to make and amend truck appointments.

Import Availability API

  • The Import Availability API provides secure access to information at a container level, including:
    Container status changes including discharged, with customs, ready for delivery, and gate-out date
  • Container holds
  • Container data such as ISO Code, Hazardous class and weight

Vessel Schedule API

Plan your transport to and from the terminal as efficiently as possible, avoid storage charges and keep your customers updated with reliable vessel data:

  • Estimated time of arrival and departure and updates regarding delays
  • Reliable cut-off times for standard cargo, reefers or hazardous goods
  • First receiving date and time

Self Service

Our APIs use standard industry protocol, and modern security measures based on open standards, to ensure the set up requires as little effort as possible. Clear documentation will be provided, and support will be available via developer.apmterminals.com (under development).


Users can purchase credit bundles online, based on their anticipated volumes. Credits can be used against a variety of API transactions, such as Import Availability.

Next Steps

Provide us with a few details using our registration form and we’ll contact you as soon as our first APIs are available for your selected terminals and provide further pricing details.



 If you’d like to discuss our API Store and the available services, please contact us with any questions.

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