Container Conversion

Steel shipping containers are manufactured to a very high specification using high tensile Corten (anti-corrosion) steel. This makes them strong, very secure, and capable of surviving in extreme conditions. Because of this they are suitable for a variety of uses.

In addition to new container conversions we also offer the conversion of used containers that may only have suffered minor damage, but still have a long life ahead of them. In some instances, containers are sold second hand, simply because it doesn’t make economic sense to move them long distances empty.


Containers are stackable, so they can be used to form larger units. They’re also straight forward insulate against extreme temperatures, and clad in different materials, to ensure they blend into their surroundings. 

Cost-effective solution

Because they’re designed to endure harsh conditions at sea, when used in a domestic environment they provide years of maintenance free life. Adding windows, plumbing and electrics is no problem.

Ice bar for event promotions, using a reefer container set at -10 degrees


Containers come in standard lengths, 10 foot, 20 foot which weighs 2,200kg and 40 foot which weighs 3,950kg. The floors are fitted with 28mm marine ply that is both rot and vermin proof. Standard containers have double doors fitted at one end, retained by 4 full height locking bars all fitted with lockable handles.  We normally add additional security locks during conversion.


Storage containers are non-permanent so many locations they don’t need planning permission. However, we recommend you check with your local planning authorities. Although containers are self-supporting and do not need any special foundations, they should be placed on level ground. Many people place their converted container on railway sleepers, or concrete paving blocks under each corner.

Mini office equipped with a server room and reception desk

Potential uses

- Shop

- Home office

- Glamping

- Turnstyle container for temporary entrances

- Mobile laboratory

- Exhibition space

- Residential studio

- Student housing

- Coffee bar

- Eco-home

- Workshop

- Changing rooms

- Classrooms

- Smoking shelter

- Toilet block

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