Quay & Marine

Barge handling

Many of our larger terminals offer dedicated barge berthing. Discharging and loading of containers at the stack, and the majority of operations involving barge cranes are fully automated, offering speed, reliably and efficiency.

This also applies to most operations involving the barge cranes. Discharging and loading the containers onto and off the barge are the only processes that are carried out manually, as this benefits from eye-to-eye contact between the barge captain and the crane operator.

For a small fee, we can also offer a safe vehicle loading and discharge service for barges.



At a glance

✔ Sufficient depth for the largest barges

✔ Barge cranes capable of loading and unload the largest barges

✔ Dedicated barge container storage stacks

✔ Automatic handling of containers to barge cranes and stacks

✔ Fixed Windows for barges

✔ Real-time container status information