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Stuffing & Stripping

At our container freight stations, freight shipments can be consolidated or de-consolidated and staged between transport legs, and cross-dock activities. Many of our terminals offer high-speed conversion of bulk-to-container for better value transportation, for example machinery or large trees that can be lowered into an open top container.

We also offer stuffing and stripping of containerised & non-conventional cargo. This allows our clients to keep focused on their core business, and adds value, for example through reduced port storage, fewer trips, no empty redelivery and no demurrage, reduced stock buffers, and lower insurance costs.

We can provide our own experienced operators, who work according to Standardized Operating Procedures agreed with the client. Using a well-trained and experienced stuffing team leads to significant improvements in efficiency and reliability. This ultimately results in shorter lead times for customers. Services include:

  • Consolidation and deconsolidation of export and import cargo
  • Weighing
  • Special packing/re-packing service
  • Labeling

Just-in-time delivery

We also offer the flexibility to work with customers and find ways to achieve savings or add value to their value chain. For example, providing reliable just-in-time supply for the motor industry, using specially designed trailers that eliminate cargo damage and offer 100% flexibility.

Working for a variety of customers means we can share expertise gained in one sector with customers from different sectors. We can also ensure that our capacity is used as effectively as possible, which makes our pricing competitive.


For valuable items we offer high-levels of security in the stuffing-stripping area, such as live CCTV streams. At many of our facilities cargo can be stuffed or stripped in a customs bonded area to reduce paperwork, and increase security.

At a glance

✔ Put your own warehouse to better use

✔ Increased flexibility for your supply chain

✔ Optimization of transportation required

✔ Reduced administration

✔ High levels of security

✔ Industry leading turnaround times

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