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It is the policy of APM Terminals to conduct its activities in a manner that protects the health and safety of its employees and that the actions of the company and its employees do the harm the health and safety of others.

Safety procedures for personnel

  1. Under the regulation of safety legislation and ISPS code;
  2. Not allowed to stand/walk within 8m of R/S, E/H and other fork lift;
  3. Follow the guidance of yard supervision;
  4. Passing through/standing/sitting/lying between containers is forbidden;
  5. No smoking;
  6. No activities allowed beneath spreaders, running machines and other vehicle;
  7. No usage of headset and other device that may interfere with the focus on surrounding;
  8. No pedestrian in yard;
  9. Follow the traffic signal;
  10. Keep at least 3m away from a container when the door is opening;
  11. A boarding pass is required to board a ship.

Safety procedures for vehicle

  1. Follow the general driving direction within yard, no passing through yard blocks;
  2. All roads within terminal under administration of REGULATIONS OF SHANGHAI MUNICIPALITY ON ROAD TRAFFIC;
  3. Follow the traffic signals and not drive in the opposite direction;
  4. Speed limit: 35km/h on road, 5km/h on road cross;
  5. Container Handling Equipments are given priority to pass through on the main road;
  6. No parking in the yard and follow the instruction of yard supervision;
  7. Leave the terminal immediately after the completion of your terminal work.