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Garment-on-Hanger service delivers speed and efficiency in India's retail garment industry

190418-garment-on-hanger-serviceA specialised service that allows clothing manufacturers to ship garments on hangers, has helped APM Terminals Inland Services' Indian container services division, cater to leading global apparel brands.

APM Terminals Inland Services fabricates and modifies standard dry shipping containers, enabling them to conveniently carry coats, dresses, jackets, blazers and any other clothing necessary. As a result, for example, in a 20 feet container, approximately 5,000 women’s coats can be placed. “It is an efficient and dust and wrinkle-free method of transportation for the clothing industry as it keeps the garments protected and in a hanging format - cutting down on multiple post receipt activities under the traditional approach,” explains Managing Director of APM Terminals Inland Services South Asia, Ajit Venkataraman.

The traditional method of transporting apparels involves packing into cartons and stuffing them into containers. With the GOH system, the garments are individually placed on hangers and covered with plastic. These hangers are then hung in the specially-designed and fabricated garment-holding system inside the container.

Secure Garments-on-Hanger (GOH) rooms

Included in GOH services, is the provision of GOH Rooms, “We use specially fabricated mobile GOH trolleys to move the garments around our paved yard facilities, and from there, to specially constructed dust and moisture-free GOH Rooms. GOH rooms have a special lining and are structured to store the garments in the same hanging format. Access to these rooms is controlled for security and restricted. Special footwear, for example, must be worn in the room.” says Venkataraman

The concept is about ensuring that when the truck arrives with the consignment at the retail store, it can simply be picked up and placed in the store without any unpacking, unfolding, dust vacuuming or ironing. This saves time and expense - factors that are critical for the fast-moving fashion industry. 

Customised GOH containers

"When it is time to export the shipment, we create customised GOH containers by fabricating dry containers with hanging systems, technically best suited to handle the load and volumes,” continues Venkataraman. “These systems are then load-tested to ensure there is no overloading or mishap on the journey - for example, the garments falling off the system onto container floor. We take pride in wrinkle-free delivery to customers."

Venkataraman says, “In our experience, GOH services are particularly beneficial for long dresses, coats, jackets, blazers, kids' dresses and women's gowns. These make up a large proportion of the garments we create GOH systems for.” Many clients that use the service are medium to large sized companies but GOH is also suitable for smaller businesses." Concludes Venkataraman, “All are united in their need to have a service which has both quality and speed at its core."