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APM Terminals Inland Services South Asia believes in doing mutually beneficial business, while gaining economic advantages, taking social responsibilities, concern with the environment in which we work, good safety and security practices that goes hand in hand.

We strongly believe in working alongside with various communities as partners achieving a common goal that can make a difference.


APM Terminals Inland Services South Asia endeavors to promote environment protection and reduce carbon footprints in everyday business through cleaner, greener processes and technologies.

Key focus areas like solid waste management, routine preventive maintenance of all equipments, low electric consumption, increasing and maintaining green cover, reducing noise levels to acceptable limits, discouraging release of reefer gas to the atmosphere,etc is the priority on our the agenda.


APM Terminals Inland Services South Asia believes in safety first and that it over rides all business activities. We believe in growing your business through demonstration of good safety practices and that is the motto adhered to daily.

Encouraging all employees, including contract workmen in all safety related exercises is imperative. Encouraging reporting of near-misses is been given utmost importance. All incidents are analyzed and its corrective and preventive actions are monitored impeccably. Conducting monthly safety audits is a proof of APM Terminals Inland Services South Asia is proud of. The dictum - ‘Safety of your workplace lies in the hand of every employee’, has become a way of life for us.

Safety of your workplace lies in the hand of every employee is now has become a realization.


APM Terminals Inland Services South Asia takes ownership of its infrastructure, assets, processes and employees including contractors through planning, trainings, drills, audits and co-ordination and embedded with a strong recognized, skilled security force.

Employees feel more confident when working in a secure environment has been well understood by the top management and hence ‘security ‘is always being given paramount importance.